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Die Gewalt bin ich (1977)  link to Die Gewalt bin ich on IMDb  

Nummer: 1966

cover Die Gewalt bin ich

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6,8/10 (645 Stimmen)

Land: Italy, 100 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Italienisch

Genre: Action, Krimi, Thriller

Regisseur: Umberto Lenzi

Luigi Maietto (Chinaman) escapes from prison he then orders two henchman to murder the inspector whose testimonal led to his being jailed. Inspector Tanzi is left for dead but lives. The local newspapers cover up for him and pretend the assassination had worked. When Tanzi's able to his superior wants him to hide in Switzerland. But Tanzi defies him and intends to make sure that Maietto is put back in prison.


Maurizio Merli Leonardo Tanzi
John Saxon Frank Di Maggio

Medium: Unbekannt,

Verliehen: Nein

Seitenformat: 2.35:1