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Liquidator (1984)  link to Liquidator on IMDb  

Nummer: 233

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6,0/10 (2598 Stimmen)

Land: Mexico, 90 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

Regisseur: J. Lee Thompson

Clement Moloch (Joseph Maher (R.I.P.))is a doctor (dubbed "the doctor"), but instead of using his skills to heal; he uses them to torture. He works for governments including the U.S. who wants insurgents dealt with. Now several of his victims want him dead and after several attempts fail. Holland (Charles Bronson (R.I.P.)), a retried killer for hire, is informed of the death of an old friend who was trying to kill Moloch. Holland initially stating that he is retired doesn't take the job. But he changes his mind. He asks for woman and a child to accompany him so that he could appear to be a family man. And the woman who goes with him (Theresa Saldana) is the wife of his friend, who brings her daughter along. When Holland arrives he notices that Moloch is heavily protected so he starts by taking out his people.


Charles Bronson Holland
Theresa Saldana Rhiana

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