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Das große Fressen (1973)  link to Das große Fressen on IMDb  

Nummer: 486

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7,2/10 (9915 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: La Grande Bouffe (Englischer Titel)

Land: France, 130 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Französisch, Italienisch

Genre: Komödie, Drama

Regisseur: Marco Ferreri

Four middle-aged friends and members of the professional bourgeoisie, Ugo, a chef and restaurant owner, Marcello, an incorrigible womanizer and Alitalia pilot, Michel, a delicate television producer, and Philippe, a venerable magistrate, gather for a debaucherous weekend at the latter's Parisian villa. There, as the four men prepare for a Romanesque feast, truckloads of fine food and wine arrive, accompanied by three elegant and lithe prostitutes. Without a doubt, the rapacious and degraded hedonists are determined to eat themselves to death, one elaborate morsel after another, nevertheless, for what reason?


Marcello Mastroianni Marcello
Michel Piccoli Michel

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