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Kampfgeschwader 633 (1964)  link to Kampfgeschwader 633 on IMDb  

Nummer: 702

cover Kampfgeschwader 633

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6,4/10 (2864 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: 633 Squadron

Land: UK, 102 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch, Deutsch

Genre: Krieg, Drama

Regisseur: Walter Grauman

633 Squadron has enjoyed an unqualified string of successes. Their luck changes when they are assigned to bomb a German rocket fuel plant, in Norway which is guarded by heavy anti-aircraft defences, and the plant is considered bomb-proof. Their nearly impossible mission is further complicated by a German air raid, the difficult approach to the target and the capture and torture of the underground leader who is assisting the squadron.


Cliff Robertson Wing Cmdr. Roy Grant
George Chakiris Lt. Erik Bergman

Medium: Unbekannt,

Verliehen: Nein

Seitenformat: 2.35:1